Lifeguard / Swim Instructor

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Full time/Part Time/Seasonal

Based on Experience

Lifeguards at Camp Lahontan will demonstrate an outstanding understanding of safety practices and procedures at our pool to our members and guests. They will interact with our members, reminding them of safe practices at the pool, while allowing them to feel safe and comfortable in the pool area. They will do routine safety checks, monitor pool, and pool deck at all times, complete pool maintenance and lifeguard duties throughout the day. They may also be certified to teach swim lessons, if this is part of the lifeguard position, they will make safety the top priority while instructing. Friendliness, professionalism, and understanding of swim instruction are top priorities in this area. Lifeguards will complete morning, mid-day, and evening duties to keep the pool area safe and clean. They will be under the direction of our Aquatics Supervisor. 

Contact Info: Please email a resume to Kathleen Sivel, Camp Director
Questions, please call 530-550-2430