Guest Info

GUEST INFORMATIONIt is our pleasure to welcome you to Lahontan!

Please confirm that the sponsoring member has placed your name on the gate. Guests who arrive without their name on the guest list or tee sheet will be asked to wait until the member can be contacted.


Lodge Dress Code:
Tank tops, tee shirts, halter tops and shorts are not permitted in the Lodge during dinner service. No sweatshirts, workout clothes, leggings or shorts of any kind are allowed inside the dining room for dinner, however, may be acceptable on the patio. Clean and pressed denim attire when worm appropriately will be allowed in the Lodge. This dress code also applies to children and teens. 

Golf Dress Code:
Golf Attire for Men: Proper attire will include slacks, golf shorts which are not shorter than 5” above the knee, golf shirts with collar or mock neck, sweaters or jackets, and suit-able golf footwear.
Shirts are to be worn tucked in. Hats are to be worn correctly, facing forward. Blue jeans, tee shirts and tank tops are not allowed. Sandals are not considered suitable golf footwear.
Golf Attire for Women: Skirts, slacks, culottes and shorts not shorter than 18” in length are permissible. Halters, tank tops, blue jeans, biking shorts and short shorts are not allowed.
Golf Attire for Children: All children should be dressed appropriately for the Club. Blue jeans and tee shirts are not allowed.

Tipping is not necessary. However, should you decide to tip one of our employees, it is permissible under club rules. For Food & Beverage purchases, gratuity is automatically added to each transaction.

Cell phone use is prohibited in the Lodge, Spa and Camp pavilion. Please step outside when making a phone call.