Submittal Fees & Requirements

The following is a list of the standard Design Review Fees and Additional Service Fees.

Design Review Fees

0 to 3,250 square feet$10,000
3,251 to 4,500 square feet$13,000
4,501 to 9,000 square feet*$16,000
*Homes above 6,000 square feet may be permitted only on combined homesites.

Additional Services Fees

Design Variance$500 per submittal
Subsequent Changes$200 for the first 5 changes, $40 per change thereafter
Construction Variances$500 per submittal
Grading Extension Request$500
Design ConsultationsNo charge

The following is a list of desposits required during the construction of improvements.

Construction Deposit*

Standard Construction Deposit**$10,000
Additional Deposit for Inactive Site$2,000
Deposit for Finishing Work after Conditional Final Release***150% of the value of estimated work to be completed in addition to remaining deposit balance
*Interest will not be returned with the Deposit.
**If the deposit balance falls below a $9,000 minimum deposit balance, the Lahontan Covenants Commission may require that it be replenished to its original amount with 30 days notice.
***This privilege will only be granted by the Lahontan Covenants Commission to projects that prove completion hardships, such as installing landscape in winter and is in addition to remaining deposit balance.
The following services are available for Owners that already have a completed home on their homesite.

Fees for Post LCC Final Release Additional Services  

[payment dues at time of request for review and approval]
 Landscaping  $500
Minor Changes/Additions [windows, doors, patios, walkways, etc.]$1,500
Major Changes/Additions [foundations, earthwork, structural changes, driveway reconfigurations, additions to heated livable space, etc.]*$3,500**
*Major changes must be submitted by a licensed Architect.
**Plus an additional fee of $1/sq. ft. based on the size of added heated livable space will be applied or the standard design review fee