Submittal Dates, Meetings & Turnaround Time

Submittal Dates

Please call in advance of the submittal date to reserve an appointment. Submittals must be complete and made in full by the submittal date in order to be reviewed at the meeting that corresponds to that date. May 13th* is the latest suggested Preliminary Design Submittal date and July 8th** is the latest suggested Final Design Submittal date for starting construction and having foundation and earthwork completed by the Thursday, October 15, 2020 grading and soil stabilization deadline. Due to climatic and environmental restrictions, soil at Lahontan may only be moved (excavation, trenching and earthwork) between May 1st (if the ground is dry) and October 15th of each year. Depending on the nature of the submittal, submittals by these dates may not allow enough time to prepare for the subsequent grading dates that follow. Although the Commission will review design submittals at these times, it may be more prudent to submit earlier.

Due to the number of variables surrounding individual site conditions and the hired professionals who are responsible for managing the individual project, the Lahontan Covenants Commission cannot make guarantees of construction start dates. For the best opportunity to begin construction, submittals for projects with an intended start in 2019 should follow the guidelines listed above.

Approximate Turnaround 

The Design Review Administrator for the Lahontan Covenants Commission will make every reasonable effort to respond to each project within 10-days or sooner of the meeting.

Lahontan Covenants Commission: Dates 2021

Mtg. #Submittal Date
LCC Meeting Date
Approximate Turnaround
1January 13January 20January 29
2February 10February 17February 26
3March 10March 17March 26
4April 14April 21April 30
5May 12*May 19May 28
6June 9June 16June 25
7July 14**July 21July 30
8August 11August 18August 27
9September 8September 15September 24
10October 13October 20October 29
11November 10November 17November 26
12December 8December 15December 24

Contractor and Architect Orientations

Orientations are required for Architects and General Contractors who are new to Lahontan prior to starting design and construction.  Please call Design Review at 530-550-2488 to make an appointment for an orientation meeting.  Please note that September 1st , is the last recommended date for a Pre-Construction Orientation meeting for a 2020 building start.  In order to avoid inconveniences and risks due to a last-minute rush, it is strongly suggested that new Contractors schedule the required Pre-Construction Orientation prior to this date.