Models, Colors and Onsite Mockup

Onsite Mockup

Onsite Mockups are a very important part of the construction process. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to display samples of all proposed exterior materials in their approximate future locations. A minimum of 16-square feet of each siding and roofing material must be displayed at one portion of the future building, so that the material may be viewed at one time from one vantage point. Trim (minimum sample size 10-lineal feet), accent materials, non-asphalt paving, and window-cladding samples must also be included for this viewing, as well as a 4-foot long mortared stone sample representing the size and color range of any stonework. A range of colors can be considered from manufacturers' paint chips and other small samples for the Color Board, but final approval will not occur until all the samples can be viewed next to each other and approved in the field during the Onsite Mockup. 

The Architect or Contractor must make an appointment with the office of Design Review at (530) 550-2414 to review and provide written consent to the final selections, as well as provide a completed and signed, by the Architect, Exterior Materials and Colors Form. For more information, please refer to Section IX.12 Color and Material Approval Procedure in the Community Design Book.