Design Review

The Legacy of Lahontan

Every one of Lahontan's 906 acres is a spectacle of natural beauty. Your palette for creating a home here is made up of rock-faced ridges, springfed meadows, tall jeffrey, lodgepole and ponderosa pines, ridge tops with incredible panoramic views, green velvet valleys, and a breathtaking Tom Weiskopf golf course. There is also a reservoir that is the "town center" for Canadian geese, water fowl, and other wildlife. Beauty steals every scene here - and your heart. 

The vision for Lahontan echoes Tahoe's past, the historic grand estates and summer lodges, and the lifestyle that accompanied them. Then as now, open space defines the shape of the privileged existence. The room to breathe, admire, explore and appreciate frames everything else - access to wonderful dining, everyday luxuries and the pleasures of being part of a distinctive community. 

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