• Design Review Administration
  • Submittal Dates, Meetings & Turnaround Time
    • Submittal Dates

      Please call in advance of the submittal date to reserve an appointment. Submittals must be complete and made in full by the submittal date in order to be reviewed at the meeting that corresponds to that date. May 8th* is the latest suggested Preliminary Design Submittal date and July 10th** is the latest suggested Final Design Submittal date for starting construction and having foundation and earthwork completed by the Monday, October 15, 2019 grading and soil stabilization deadline. Due to climatic and environmental restrictions, soil at Lahontan may only be moved (excavation, trenching and earthwork) between May 1st (if the ground is dry) and October 15th of each year. Depending on the nature of the submittal, submittals by these dates may not allow enough time to prepare for the subsequent grading dates that follow. Although the Commission will review design submittals at these times, it may be more prudent to submit earlier.

      Due to the number of variables surrounding individual site conditions and the hired professionals who are responsible for managing the individual project, the Lahontan Covenants Commission cannot make guarantees of construction start dates. For the best opportunity to begin construction, submittals for projects with an intended start in 2019 should follow the guidelines listed above.

      Approximate Turnaround

      The Design Review Administrator for the Lahontan Covenants Commission will make every reasonable effort to respond to each project within 10-days or sooner of the meeting.

      Lahontan Covenants Commission: Dates 2019
      Mtg. # Submittal Date
      LCC Meeting Date
      Approximate Turnaround
      1 January 9 January 16 January 25
      2 February 13 February 20 March 1
      3 March 13 March 20 March 29
      4 April 10 April 17 April 26
      5 May 8* May 15 May 24
      6 June 12 June 19 June 28
      7 July 10** July 17 July 26
      8 August 14 August 21 August 30
      9 September 11 September 18 September 27
      10 October 9 October 16 October 25
      11 November 13 November 20 November 29
      12 December 18 December 18 December 27
      Contractor and Architect Orientations

      Orientations are required for Architects and General Contractors who are new to Lahontan prior to starting design and construction.  Please call Design Review at 530-550-2488 to make an appointment for an orientation meeting.  Please note that Thursday, September 2nd , is the last recommended date for a Pre-Construction Orientation meeting for a 2019 building startIn order to avoid inconveniences and risks due to a last-minute rush, it is strongly suggested that new Contractors schedule the required Pre-Construction Orientation prior to this date.

  • Contractor/Construction Information
    • Contractor and Architect Orientations

      Orientations are required for Architects and General Contractors who are new to Lahontan prior to starting design and construction. Please call the Office of Design Review at 550-2488 to schedule an appointment. Please note that September 1st is the last recommended date for a Pre-Construction Orientation meeting for a building start. For homesites in all units, site clearing and excavation activity may begin no later than September 1st. In order to avoid inconveniences and risks due to a last-minute rush, it is strongly suggested that new contractors schedule the required Pre-Construction Orientation prior to this date.
      Construction Hours
      • As a reminder, normal residential construction hours are as follows:
      • On weekdays, construction activity at Lahontan is permitted between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
      • For security purposes, construction hours have been reduced by one hour between November 1 and February 28; residential construction workers must leave the premises by 5 p.m. instead of 6 p.m.
      • Quiet construction may also occur on Saturdays between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Construction activity that is disruptive to residents or golfers (pouring concrete, hammering, power tools, or anything that is audible from the homesite) is not permitted on Saturdays.
      • Construction activity is prohibited on Sundays.
      Below are pictures of residential projects adjacent to the golf course nearing completion.


      Residential Construction Holiday Schedule

      In order to ensure that construction activity does not interfere with the residents during the major holidays and other important events, on certain dates construction will not be allowed. The following dates will be observed at Lahontan. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated.

      Note: Construction Holiday dates are subject to change. Design Review staff will attempt to provide notice in advance of any changes to these dates.

      May 27      Memorial Day
      July 4      4th of July
      August 31      Labor Day Weekend
      September 2      Labor Day
      November 28      Thanksgiving Day
      December 24      Christmas Eve
      December 25      Christmas Day
      January 1      New Year's Day
  • Submittal Fees & Requirements
    • The following is a list of the standard Design Review Fees and Additional Service Fees.
      Design Review Fees
      0 to 3,250 square feet $7,200
      3,251 to 6,000 square feet $10,800
      6,001 to 9,000 square feet* $12,000
      *Homes above 6,000 square feet may be permitted only on combined homesites.
      Additional Services Fees
      Design Variance $500 per submittal
      Subsequent Changes $200 for the first 5 changes, $40 per change thereafter
      Construction Variances $200 per submittal
      Design Consultations complimentary
      Additional Design Books** $35 each
      **The sale of each homesite includes one Design Book in the purchase documents and a copy of any subsequently released revisions. Lahontan homesite owners and professionals who have design and construction contracts with these homesite owners may purchase additional copies.
      The following is a list of desposits required during the construction of improvements.
      Construction Deposit*
      Standard Construction Deposit** $5,000
      Additional Deposit for Inactive Site $2,000
      Deposit for Finishing Work after Conditional Final Release*** 150% of the value of estimated work to be completed in addition to remaining deposit balance
      *Interest will not be returned with the Deposit.
      **If the deposit balance falls below a $4,000 minimum deposit balance, the Lahontan Covenants Commission may require that it be replenished to its original amount with 30 days notice.
      ***This privilege will only be granted by the Lahontan Covenants Commission to projects that prove completion hardships, such as installing landscape in winter and is in addition to remaining deposit balance.
      The following services are available for Owners that already have a completed home on their homesite.
      Fees for Post LCC Final Release Additional Services

      [payment dues at time of request for review and approval]
      Minor Changes/Additions [windows, doors, landscaping, patios, walkways, etc.] $200
      Major Changes/Additions [foundations, earthwork, structural changes, driveway reconfigurations, additions to heated livable space, etc.]* $1,000**
      *Major changes must be submitted by a licensed Architect.
      **Plus an additional fee of $1/sq. ft. based on the size of added heated livable space will be applied or the standard design review fee
  • Models, Color Board & Onsite Mockup
    • Models

      A homesite model must be included with all Design Submittals (including resubmittals), Design Variance and Subsequent Changes Requests so that the Lahontan Covenants Commission may quickly reference proposals in a three-dimensional context. Additional changes or modifications to the model are only required if requested by the Commission. Homesite numbers must be affixed to all exhibits including the color board and the model.

      A model (1/8-inch scale) showing the topography (minimum 2-foot contours) of the entire homesite is required of all proposed homes. Models at other scales cannot be accepted as the models are often viewed and compared with other models of nearby homesites. Items such as roof overhangs, windows, mullions, doors, balconies, posts, and exposed beams must be modeled three-dimensionally, rather than being simply drawn onto the model. Models may be picked up from the Community Association office after the submittal response notice is issued. The applicant should retain the model for use in any future submittals.

      Alternately, three-dimensional modeling software such as sketchup may be utilized to generate a model of a home design please contact Design Review Administrator John Stewart (530.550.2488 or jstewart@lahontancommunity.com)

      Color Board

      An 18x24 inch Color Board is among the Final Design Submittal requirements. Actual samples of all exterior materials (roof, wall, and ground plane materials, light fixture finishes, flashing, stone, wood, metal, landscape materials, etc.) must be securely affixed to a stiff board. The samples on the board must accurately correspond to the Color Rendering. All samples must be clearly labeled, and the homesite number must identify the board. The confirmation of final exterior stonework and material color selections shall be delayed until the Onsite Mockup in order to better visualize the potential colors with actual materials intended for use.

      Onsite Mockup

      Onsite Mockups are a very important part of the construction process. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to display samples of all proposed exterior materials in their approximate future locations. A minimum of 16-square feet of each siding and roofing material must be displayed at one portion of the future building, so that the material may be viewed at one time from one vantage point. Trim (minimum sample size 10-lineal feet), accent materials, non-asphalt paving, and window-cladding samples must also be included for this viewing, as well as a 4-foot long mortared stone sample representing the size and color range of any stonework. A range of colors can be considered from manufacturers' paint chips and other small samples for the Color Board, but final approval will not occur until all the samples can be viewed next to each other and approved in the field during the Onsite Mockup.

      The Architect or Contractor must make an appointment with the Design Review Administrator to review and provide written consent to the final selections, as well as provide a completed and signed, by the Architect, Exterior Materials and Colors Form. For more information, please refer to Section IX.12 Color and Material Approval Procedure in the Community Design Book.
  • Documents & Forms

Design Review

The Legacy of Lahontan

Every one of Lahontan's 906 acres is a spectacle of natural beauty. Your palette for creating a home here is made up of rock-faced ridges, springfed meadows, tall jeffrey, lodgepole and ponderosa pines, ridge tops with incredible panoramic views, green velvet valleys, and a breathtaking Tom Weiskopf golf course. There is also a reservoir that is the "town center" for Canadian geese, water fowl, and other wildlife. Beauty steals every scene here - and your heart.

The vision for Lahontan echoes Tahoe's past, the historic grand estates and summer lodges, and the lifestyle that accompanied them. Then as now, open space defines the shape of the privileged existence. The room to breathe, admire, explore and appreciate frames everything else - access to wonderful dining, everyday luxuries and the pleasures of being part of a distinctive community.

Please see left for design review information and to find out how to build your dream at Lahontan.